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Cambridge Christian Study Centre

Partnership vision

The centre is hosted at the Round Church in partnership with Forming a Christian Mind, the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union, the Christian Graduate Society, UCCF and the Gospel and Academia Project.


An integrated intellectual tradition

The Round Church is the oldest venue being used for study in Cambridge. Pre-dating the University, it is a symbol of the Christian heritage of Western civilisation. Built between 1114 and 1130 on the wave of the monastic renewal and at the outset of the twelfth century Renaissance, its rounded shape itself speaks of an integrated intellectual vision for the glory of God.

The origin and goal is Christ himself: “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” So, “in him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3, 1:17).

Christ himself is the integration of each section of the reference library:

Learning together

Faculty reading lists within mainstream universities are often shaped by secular assumptions. Sadly, the wealth of Christian literature on the academic disciplines can go unappreciated. Our study centre offers both the resources and the context for Christian students to gain the intellectual and theological foundations they need.

Learning is not an individual process. We can help one another with the shared discipline necessary to devote a regular time and place to the intentional study of what Scripture says concerning God’s world and its relation to Christ.

Open during the week in term-time, we offer protected periods for productive quiet study interspersed with mutual encouragement and rich conversation over coffee and lunch times.

Membership and Guests

Post-CV19 the study centre is open through library membership and a desk booking arrangement. We welcome you to apply for membership using the link below.

Book a trial visit

Being a member does not commit you to visiting the Study Centre – it is a gateway to the desk booking system. If you would like to trial the use of the Study Centre, please complete the membership form and book a desk. If you discover it’s not for you, there is no obligation to use your membership, and you may also contact us to cancel your membership.

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