2020-2021 Conferences

the Christian Faith and Scholarship:
Vocational and Theological Perspectives

After last year’s theme of ‘Christ, (Post-)Modernity and the Academy’, focussing particularly on the challenges and opportunities presented by twentieth and twenty-first century (post-)modern philosophy, this year’s conferences will broaden out to consider foundational principles for integrating faith and scholarship. The Autumn conference will consider this topic from a vocational perspective, while the Spring conference will look at it from a theological perspective.

Autumn 2020 Conference:
Vocational Perspectives

Saturday 21 Nov, 10.00am-12.30pm on Zoom

Personal interviews and insights, with:

  • Prof John Lister (University of Cambridge)
  • Prof John Lennox (University of Oxford)
  • Dr David Glass (Ulster University)

How does lockdown change or illuminate our vocation as Christian academics? How can we contribute to ‘human flourishing’ in these circumstances? How can we draw on our academic work to point others to Christ, especially when we rarely have the opportunity to meet with other people? This conference will feature interviews with Christian academics working in different contexts who will share how they are serving Christ as an academic during CV19, exploring vocational principles which are relevant across all the disciplines. 

Programme – part 1

The first half the programme will consist of interviews, conversation and Q&A, covering the following range of topics:

Programme – part 2

There will also be an opportunity to meet with other postgraduates in your faculty via breakout rooms, which will also be arranged geographically where appropriate.

With many physical faculty buildings closed down, this will provide a unique opportunity to meet other Christians in your field and discuss together the vocational principles from the interviews. 

Spring 2021 Conference:
Theological Perspectives 

Friday 26th February (7.00-9.15pm) and
Saturday 27 Feb 2021 (9.30am-1.00pm)

What does it mean to ‘integrate Christianity and scholarship’ or ‘(re-)connect your faith and your studies’? And how would one go about that? What are some of the theological building blocks to help us integrate the Christian faith and scholarship? What does it mean to go about this in a way that brings glory to Christ, and is faithful to his word?

After the vocational focus of the Autumn conference, here we will be stepping back to consider the theological foundations of an evangelical approach to the academic vocation. 

Before applying the principles in our different disciplines, led by a variety of seminar leaders, we will first engage with the following:

  • Two Adams:
    the relationship between Christ’s work and our academic work
    Matt Lillicrap
  • The Bible and Other Texts:
    the character of Scripture and its role for our scholarship
    Craig Bartholomew
  • Christian Scholarship:
    contributing to our field in light of the gospel
    Chris Watkin
  • Christ our Hope:
    drawing on our academic expertise to point people to Christ
    Dan Strange

Who are our speakers?

  • Rev Dr Craig Bartholomew – Director of the Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology, Cambridge
  • Dr Dan Strange – Director and Lecturer in Culture, Religion and Public Theology, Oak Hill College, London
  • Dr Chris Watkin – Senior Lecturer in French Studies, Monash University, Australia
  • Dr Matt Lillicrap – Associate Minsiter, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, and former medical doctor

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