(Re-)Connecting the Christian Faith and Scholarship: Vocational and Theological Perspectives

After last year’s theme of ‘Christ, (Post-)Modernity and the Academy’, focussing particularly on the challenges and opportunities presented by twentieth and twenty-first century (post-)modern philosophy, this year’s conferences will broaden out to consider foundational principles for integrating faith and scholarship. The Autumn conference will consider this topic from a vocational perspective, while the Spring conference will look at it from a theological perspective.

2019-2020 Theme

Harry Blamires famously claimed that the 20th Century was a time of historic rupture between Christianity and the major intellectual institutions of Western Culture.

As a result, the present generation of scholars and educators have inherited a world in which Christianity is considered either peripheral to the life of the university or antithetical to the pursuit of scholarship.

Autumn 2020 Conference:
Vocational Perspectives

Date, time and location

Theme and focus

Programme – Part 1

Programme – Part 2

Spring 2021 Conference:
Theological Perspectives

Date, time and location


Theme and focus

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