New: 2019-2020 Fellows

We invite you to consider joining an exciting new reading group we are co-hosting for PhD students who would like to go deeper in forming a Christian mind.

Fellows will gather for 90 minutes on Wednesdays to discuss readings on our vocation to the academy as Christians. We will discuss significant texts from the Christian intellectual tradition which encourage the re-integration of the Christian faith with scholarship, teaching, research and the intellectual life. The curriculum is intended to help equip fellows both to engage in their academic work in a way that is shaped by the gospel and also to pursue their study toward its ultimate end of worship, including by deploying it within a persuasive cultural apologetic.

The Fellowship
The Fellowship itself, for up to ten successful applicants, will then start formally in Jan 2020 (meeting late afternoon on Wednesdays). An application process will take place in December.

  • The opportunity to be a part of a regular reading group, learning in community
  • A book grant of £300 to support them in the integration of their faith with their research
  • Support in preparing a written paper and a public talk (see below)

Fellows will be expected:

  • To commit to one another to attend the reading group (dates to be published)
  • To attend the opening away day on a Saturday
  • To write a paper that illustrates the impact of an aspect of a Christian belief on their academic work, and to prepare a talk that shows how their academic work points to the credibility and relevance of the Christian worldview.

Application form
Please find the application form here. Application deadline: 24 December 2019.

For questions, please contact us via our contact form or by emailing info [at]