About the Movement


Forming a Christian Mind (FACM) helps postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers from across the UK and Europe develop their capacity to think biblically about their discipline and address the interaction between secular and Christian perspectives on their subject, both in the university and in wider society.

Through its work, FACM aims to equip Christians in the academic world to pursue and model a double calling: 

  • to study excellently with a Christian ethos and worldview – bringing the light of the gospel to bear in their academic work; and, conversely, 
  • to use what they study for cultural apologetics and mission – showing how the nature of reality points to the relevance and plausibility of the gospel. 

FACM Partnership

FACM is a movement in Cambridge constituting a local partnership between four organisations:

It has support from local churches and other ministries including the Christian Graduate Society. It also works in partnership with the IFES Europe Postgraduate Initiative, Good News for the University. FACM is owned and administered by the Gospel and Academia Trust.

Please take a moment to read about our partner organisations by visiting their websites and learn about work they are doing across Cambridge, the UK and Europe.

What We Believe

We want to pursue our shared vision together from a position of generous, humble confidence in the historic truths of biblical Christianity as summarised in the UCCF and Evangelical Alliance doctrinal statements, placing us within a classical Protestant evangelical tradition with respect to our understanding of the gospel as it is referenced in our vision statement above.