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Trust in Academia?

Christianity and trust in a sceptical world

Spring 2024 Conference:

Trust in Academia?
Christianity and trust in a sceptical world

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Dr Tom Simpson

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

Dr David Glass

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Ulster University

Kristi Mair

Lecturer in Philosophy, Ethics and Apologetics, Oak Hill College

Dr Simon Carmel

Lecturer in Work and Organisation Studies in Essex Business School, University of Essex

Fellows Programme Taster Sessions

The annual Fellows Programme is a weekly term-time study programme run in Cambridge and online for up to 10 PhD students. It explores the re-integration of the Christian faith with scholarship, teaching, research and the intellectual life.

Upcoming Taster Sessions for the 2023-2024 Programme: 

28th Nov – James Eglinton
Introduction to the doctrine of God and its interdisciplinary implications

5th Dec – Gray Sutanto
The relevance of the Creator-creature distinction for academia for today

19th Dec – Brad Green
Augustine and the intellectual impact of the Fall

Cambridge Christian Study Centre

The Cambridge Christian Study Centre is open at the Round Church during term.

At one of our conferences, Dr Chris Watkin challenged each of us to set aside a portion of each week to study Christian literature and theology relevant to our academic work, as he himself had done as a student in Cambridge.

The Study Centre catalyses this vision with study desks, dedicated reference library and with coffee and lunch discussion with Centre staff including two of our recent conference speakers, Andrew Fellows and Matt Lillicrap.

Essay Prize

Forming a Christian Mind – alongside UCCF Research, IFES Europe and Crosslands Forum – is taking part in the Gospel and Academia Project (GAP), which researches and develops foundational resources for Christians at the outset of their university careers – celebrating the goodness and relevance of an evangelical theological vision for fruitful and faithful academic service.

The annual Essay Prize catalyses thoughtful contributions to the wider project where winners will receive feedback on their writing, a financial award of €700, and a mentoring meeting with a more senior evangelical theologian or academic.

This year’s deadline is Friday 16 June 2023. For more information, including the essay prize brief and submission details, please visit

Our conferences aim to help students study excellently with a Christian ethos and worldview, and to use what they study for cultural apologetics and mission.

Over the past few years, we have invited speakers such as Prof John Lennox, Rev Dr Craig Bartholomew, Dr Os Guinness, Rev Dr Chris Wright, Dr Rhoda Hawkins, Dr Anna Nickerson, Prof John Coffey, Prof Julian Rivers, Prof Russell Cowburn, Dr Daniel Hill, Prof Glynn Harrison, Prof John Wyatt, Dr Chris Watkin, Prof David Bebbington, and others.

For students and researchers who want to go deeper, we also organise an annual Fellows Programme. The programme includes discussion of guided reading and supported practical exercises through weekly seminars and 2 away days. 

We will be hosting 3 taster sessions for the 2023-2024 programme in November and December. Find out more and sign up here.

Our events are primarily for postgraduates, post-docs and junior academics; however anyone who is pursuing an academic career in other ways is welcome.

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Discover some of our resources, including talks and videos from past conferences.

Dr Chris Watkin

'Introduction to Biblical Critical Theory'

Dr Dan Strange

'Speaking of Hope: A Model for Cultural Apologetics in the Academy'

Prof Glynn Harrison

'Identity, Politics and the Doctrine of the Image of God'

Prof John Wyatt

'Science, Modernity and the Post Human'

Dr David McIlroy

'The Narratives of Modernity and the Christian Story'

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